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Do you know what?

One of the Biggest Online Business is having your own Affiliate Stores and many companies are making Huge Profits out of it just like:

ShopZilla serving 1M Monthly Traffic with $5.4M estimated annual revenue

Pronto serving 7M Monthly Traffic with $2.8M estimated annual revenue

There are many more such sites with Huge Traffic & Revenue like Bizrate, cNet, Yahoo Shopping, PriceGrabber,, Become,,, etc.

And to get your Own Affiliate Store Ready, all you have to do is hire a team of designers, developers, marketers to choose niche, find and add multiple products with their images, write their descriptions, reviews and drive regular traffic on your stores for sales and affiliate commissions.

Sounds like a lot of work…right?

To make everything easy , the very Successful Business Owner, Dr. Amit Pareek has created has created a software called CompareShop .

I used this product as a beta tester and today I am going to make honest review for you.    

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What is CompareShop?   

“CompareShop” is a cloud based app that Creates Unlimited Multi-lingual, Niche-Based CompareShops Loaded with

Products, Reviews, Videos & help you Get Hordes of Traffic from 7 HOT Social Networks so…

your Visitors can Compare Products, check their Reviews and Buy what suits them best to Make You lots of Sales & Commissions.

 Just like other big players in the market. 

In simple words-  you will have your own website loaded with lots of products from big websites like – amazon , ebay , aliexpress , etc.  without doing almost zero effort.

Features & Benefits:  

  •  Create Unlimited Profitable & Beautiful Niche CompareShops
  •  Automatically Add Top Products from Major E-Commerce Giants like amazon , aliexpress
  •  Drive Tons of Social Traffic HANDS FREE to Any Offer From 7 Hot Social Platforms
  •  Advanced Integrations with Autoresponders, Webinars, CRM & Pixabay
  •  Monetize Effectively with Google AdSense, Amazon Ads & Banner Ads
  •  50+ more cutting edge features And, You need No Domain, No knowledge of Hosting, coding or any content writing for E-shop creations- It’s simple as you can think of.
  • You can also add your own products 

Yes, it’s that easy and you don’t need to worry about hiring a team of designers, developers, marketers to

choose niche, find and add multiple products with their images, write their description, reviews and

drive regular traffic on your stores for sales and affiliate commissions.

As you can do all this with CompareShop in minutes without worrying about domain, hosting, technical or marketing expertise.  

How to use CompareShop ?

Step #1: Setup & Insert – Setup your CompareShop site and Insert your keywords relevant to Your Niche to get a Huge List of High-in-demand selling products in your niche

Step #2: Compare & Choose – Choose All Products you want to Add on Your CompareShops with their editable Reviews so your Visitors can Compare and Purchase Products as per their choice.

Step #3: Drive Traffic & Enjoy Profits – Drive SEO & Social Traffic on your SEO-Optimized CompareShops with in-built Social Traffic Engine to Make Profits on the fly mode.  


  1. It would save a lot of time .
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Proper support & Training available 
  4. No need to hire anyone.
  5. Works extremely fast.
  6. Inbuilt SEO setup to rank website in search engine  
  7. Low pricing                                                            


  1. Not find yet , you just need a good working internet connection  

Frequently asked questions

  • Is there any monthly charges ?

Ans – No , only one time fee . 

  •   Do i need to master any skill to operate this ?

Ans – Nothing as such , you just need to know very basic things . Training available inside .

Why you Need to buy it now?

 Current price is only available for launch period after that the price will go up and all the coupons will expire. 

Buying Options : 

#Option1 Compareshop Personal – $22   >>Click here<<

#Option 2 Compareshop Commercial – $27   >>Click here<<

Coupons & Discounts : 

Note : All the coupons are available on commercial plan only

Same Price, Only Coupons will change:

Thu, 17th Oct (from 1 PM) – coupon “compareshop10” with 10% Discount with Coupon Expiring in 11 Hours Timer

Fri, 18th Oct – coupon “compareshop9” with 9% Discount with 24 Hours Coupon Expiring Timer

Sat, 19th Oct – coupon “compareshop8” with 8% Discount with 24 Hours Coupon Expiring Timer

Sun, 20th Oct – Mon, 21st Oct – coupon “compareshop7” with 7% Discount with 48 Hours Coupon Expiring Timer

Tue, 22nd Oct – coupon “compareshop6” with 6% Discount with 24 Hours Price Increasing Tonight Timer

Wed, 23rd Oct – Thu, 24th Oct Coupon will be “compareshop5” with 5% Discount,

Q. Is there any upgrade?

Ans-  Yes , but that is completely optional . Upgrades will add more features. You can upgrade anytime . 

Upgrade1 – 

Option1 – Compareshop Pro – $44     >>official page<<

Option2 – Compareshop Pro Commercial – $64     >>official page<<

Upgrade2 –  

Option1 – Compareshop Enterprise – $67     >>official page<< 

Option2 – Compareshop Enterprise Commercial- $97        >>official page<<

Upgrade3 – 

Option1 – Compareshop Agency 200 clients License – $47     >>official page<< 

Option2 – Compareshop Agency Unlimited clients License – $67       >>official page<<   

Conclusion – Overall its an awesome product packed with lot of fectures. Gives you an opportunity to make your own affiliate compare shop with one time low price . its must go for deal . 

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